The Reality

By: Naveed Haider

No one can say that Pakistan was supposed to be a land of prosperity would turn into a land of bitterness. A glance around and inside can make scenario quite clear.

The value of our currency, relations with our neighbors, the conditions of the countries that came into being after us are enough to let us ponder over the thought that what has gone wrong?

Although the reality is bitter but at last we have to swallow it and today the image of Pakistan has been changed in the hearts of Pakistanis as well as in the world.

Pakistan is said to be the piece of gold in the world as it has plenty of resources but beside this we are continuously moving towards negative direction.

If we check our economic conditions, our currency is falling. The US dollar is equal to 85.88 Pakistani rupees which clearly show the value of our currency in international market.

Trade is also been limited to the world with huge taxes, strict laws and regulations which made our trade very much difficult.

If we closely look inside of our country its condition is just like a moving skeleton or in simple words we can call our country with no rule of law, justice and system.

The best example of this was the murder of two brothers by  crowd in Sialkot and the murderers are still alive.

Beside this if we touch our local markets the price of edibles are touching the sky and is unbearable to a common people who earn on the daily bases, for example the price of sugar was Rs.40 a year before but now it has been reached to RS, 90 which has directly affected the poor.

Along this the prices of petroleum oil have been doubled. The youth of our country is very much skilled but still they are lacking job opportunities.

If a literate person acquires higher education and he does not get a job, what will he do? The answer may be that he will involve in the evil activities, which spoils our society.

Another bitter truth is that our relations with our neighboring countries are also not good as we take up the example of India; both the countries are blaming each other on every minute issue.

With all these negativities, Pakistan is also moving in a positive direction with the speed which can be negligible. For example recently Pakistan made agreement of gas pipeline with Iran, which is a fruitful step toward the development.

After that in order to decrease poverty government started Benazir income support programme and also increased the salary of government employees.

For the development government is talking good steps and hope that we will become a shining star in the map of the world.