Student Motivation

By: Hosh Mohammad Dhamrah

Education enables the students to look the world from different angles and preparing themselves to face future problems of life.

If we see world education system, ours is obviously not up to the mark. One can not expect good results through existing education system.

It is observed at university level, where students are not bound to attend the classes as they are left on their choice whether to attend the classes or not.

If a student would not attend the class, who would be blamed, student or the system? In fact our education system is based on theory rather than practical work.

A student is forced to memorize than to understand. In such system student simply memorize the texts which are provided to them just to gain high ranking marks.

Another thing is observed that most of  students do not respect their teachers. The main reason, teachers are not well educated and even if they are educated, they do not have adequate teaching skills.

As they enter the classrooms, just pick up the chalk or marker and start writing on the board. Teaching does not only mean that you must have to complete a topic but the purpose should be that students must understand the topic.

A technique called attribution retraining, which includes socialization and practice exercises to restructure the less motivated students and to help them to concentrate on learning task without fear of failure.

It is generally accepted that student motivation plays a key role in academic learning.There are two types of student motivation such as extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation is defined as the motivation to engage in an activity in order to obtain rewards or to avoid punishments from an external source.

Extrinsically motivated students undertake an activity for the sake of getting good grades or a teacher's approval. Intrinsic motivation refers to engaging in an activity for its own sake, for the pleasure and enjoyment it provides.

To be more precise, a student who is intrinsically motivated carries out an action for the learning it permits. Compared to extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation is more desirable as it is the motivation to engage in the learning process for the enjoyment of learning without considering its consequences.

Students should be taught carefully. Not because of that we are paid for it but because of the whole nation would have to pay at the end.