Need To Rebuild The Old Structures

By: Syed Mohsin

The collapse of structures in thickly populated areas which leave behind hundreds of precious lives to death, has reached to alarming state. In Pakistan, where the buildings are not demolished legally, but automatically collapse after their final damaging state, there is a need to rebuild the old structures. 

A survey report carried out after recent building collapse in Liyari, said in Karachi more than one thousand old buildings which though could be made useable with heavy expenditures but some 194 buildings were not in a condition to be restored, hence, there was no other way but to demolish them.

This situation also exits in other cities of the country. For most of the buildings, a low intensity earthquake, storm or some heavy rain would be enough for collapse, which may bring its occupants to road. “Pakka Qila”, Circular Building, government school and colleges and other civil structures in Hyderabad are only a few examples where several buildings are over 100 years old.

The “Pakka Qila” was constructed in 1768. It got immense damages in 1843, in attacks made by British army. Some houses had been expired about several years ago. The notices have been issued to many of the occupants by HBCA several times. The occupants have demanded to provide them with substitute places or they can not afford leaving their houses.  

Besides old buildings, some newly built structures are also at the damaging state. The use of bad material, unskilled builders, water leakage in base of the structure is some of the reason behind rapid damage of buildings.

 In advance countries, there is a proper system to set this problem by demolishing the expiry structures according to the laws. There are some professionally trained workers who do this job by explosions and other ways.   

Building Control Authority (BCA), in every city has the responsibility to approve buildings maps, regulate construction of residential and commercial buildings. Sindh building control authority should take some bold steps to resolve this problem before any other mishap.