Mushroom Growth Of English And Computer Coaching Facilities

By: Syed Mohsin

The need of modern education gave a rapid establishment of English and computer centers. The students related to any field rely on good skills of computer and English to make progress.

But are these institutions really delivering any thing or remained as the source of earning? These institutions have mushroomed in the last decade.

Some centers are imparting quality education with an effective way. While performance of others remains suspected.

These institutions claim to improve English within two or three months and offer a bright future. It has been seen that a student who self studies with personal interest can improve a lot rather depending on the coaching centers.

Sometimes a class fails to continue for its complete course duration due to the lack of students and less income.

The regular students get into trouble when their fellows quit course in the middle.

Combining two classes to extend the number of students is also a problem. As students begin to drop-out, teaching and learning is slowed in order to merge the existing class with the new coming batch.

Mostly, untrained teachers are appointed who themselves are not expert in their subjects and it has been seen quit commonly that students who passed from that particular institutions are set on the teacher's job after their course completion.

While students believing in “something is better than nothing” get admission to these institutions as they have none other choice to fulfill their requirements in the available resources of finances. These institutions may be helpful, but not greatly, if one himself is an extraordinary student. 

In Hyderabad ARENA Multimedia, APTECH Pakistan and an English institute “Pakistan American Cultural Center” (PACC) are comparatively better offering Computer and English language courses. But these institutions are not in reach of students coming from the poor families.

Their fee has gone beyond thousands of rupees. In PACC English center it is 4,200 in advance and 3,300 per month. Similarly, ARENA Multimedia is charging about two lacs for the complete course of two and a half year.

Though these coaching institutes cut some fee, middle class students are not really helped with the fee concessions.

The reasons behind the establishment of these institutes are many and varied. On the flip side one is not sure how the market for these centers came into existence at all; when English language and computer skills are being taught as compulsory subjects for school level and onward.

The answer is simple and obvious; unfortunately, the standard of teaching in the state-run-schools as well as the cheaper private school is much lower.