The Begging Girls

By: Ali Raza Bhatti

“For God sake give me some money as my father is hospitalized and fighting for life”,

Says Anita a 5 years old girl, who begs in the metropolis.

These are not just the favorite words of Anita who use them each day from morning till evening but hundreds of other unfortunate girls who tell their different stories with no other intention but to receive some money for filling their own and beloved one's bellies or to purchase some medicines for them who are dying of diseases after not being treated.

It's heartwarming to see girls, from 5- 20 years old at a very young age on the streets and in the busses bowing their hands for money in front of the people hopelessly.

I can not forget those young girls shedding tears with a hope to get money to survive while facing the challenges that they happen to go across with in the metropolis.

They begin their each day taking cards in their hands with the nerve-racking stories of illness effecting their loved ones written on them in order to win the sympathy of people for getting money some times they succeed to get money otherwise they are humiliated, abused and even physically assaulted.

The disastrous fact to acknowledge is that the girls who reach the age of15 to 20 years age, the evil eyes are on them with dirty agendas, and they are forced to sexual harassment. With the passage of time they become an easy pray of prostitution.

On other hand, so called human rights organization are watching the situation but doing nothing to steer the poorly ridden major chunk out of the worst living conditions.

The beggars in the mega city do not only come from the religious minority casts which are considered the lowest in interior Sindh but young muslim girls belonging to other different casts can be seen in different parts with gloomy faces in search of people who could help them.

There is no doubt to say that the begging girls are in very critical situation. Helping them is the need of the hour, and for that effective initiatives should be taken by government, non-governmental organizations, and members of society as whole to change their lives, steering them out of darkness of sadness and making them feel that they are not alone but among us. If this happens then they can make their positive contributions towards society in the up coming time.