What Needed At Work Place Today

By: Tahir Odhano

In a social system, the institutions of education are the sites where these dreams come true. Great nations dreams the best for their proposed national objectives and no nation can move a single step towards its objectives without framing its educational system. In this perspective, the educational policies of Pakistan have   also been questioned of debt since last 63 years.

It has become a depressing question for everyone that what is actually required at work places? It is hard for us to exactly illustrate the requirements of any particular job.

It is due to switching educational policies in educational institutions of Pakistan. Resultantly, it impacts upon the professional education and no one can get his/her right position at any work place.

Every day, bundles of vacancies of jobs are announced in local or major newspapers of Pakistan for various sectors but candidates get confused when they see five to eight years of experience in relevant field mentioned for the required posts. Could you imagine? How will fresh graduates of MBA, MBBS, Engineering or holders of any other degree show their experiences?

It has also become too much difficult to find out job in the relevant field because right persons are wandering here and there but irrelevant degree holders are working on their places. For example, last time Government of Sindh had too announced the vacancies in Information Department in which every Social Science Degree holder could apply but in fact it was the right of Graduate of Mass Communication.

The slogans of educational reforms are well echoed in every regime, but even after passing more than a half century, the literacy rate in Pakistan could not exceed to appraisable direction. Since the independence of Pakistan, we have formed five Educational Policies in Pakistan. In 1970, 1972, 1992 and 1998 respectively, besides that some educational and implementation programs have also been launched but not a single one of them meet the requirements and specific conditions of our country. Thus, we remained mourning over the failure of our system.  

The advice of identical educational system throughout Pakistan should be welcomed in order to dispatch class discrimination among students.

Government should give the preference to relevant degree holders into relevant fields while the action should be taken against private or public sectors that impose the requirements of experience so fresh candidates could be facilitated.