Relief After Troubles

By: Moona Umar Hayat

“However dark the present may seems the future holds something bright"

Nowadays our country is facing serious economical crises due to which people are suffering from various problems.

These problems push them towards depression and that may be some times cause of their death.

Hope dies inside a person when he is not able to find mental relief through his surrounding.

Life can be very hard sometimes only few people can climb away from hurdle of life. It needs certain things to do.

Financial problems and lack of jobs can fill a person with serious mental problems. Disappointment can be very harmful for the mental level of a man.

Only a few amongst thousands can over come failure.

People are dying due to poverty, depression and hopelessness. On 16 July 2010 we have seen a case of suicide in which 4 members belonging to same family committed suicide by taking poisonous pill in Shahpur’s area due to poverty and insufficient income.

Similarly a 32 years old man killed himself by sparkling oil on his body. According to some other sources suicide cuts across all ethnic, provincial and rural/urban boundaries ranging from 35 cities and towns (and their surrounding villages) of Pakistan.

Suicide has also been reported from the remote Ghizes District in northern area of Pakistan. Mental power and mental stress play an important cause in such cases.

Suicide toll is increasing every day like in 2007, 2040 persons committed suicide, in 2008, 2528 and in 2009, 1600.

In the beginning of 2010 43 cases was registered in one month reported by (HRCP).

Spiritual deeds can be the best way to get away from depression, but this can not be the practical way to get away from the problems.

Our government has started many programs for the relief of the people like Zakat welfare system, funds system for new business without any markup, Benazir income support program and the Pakistan poverty alleviation funds (PPAF).

Private companies also offered some programs for the welfare of their countrymen like community base organization; National rural support program (NRSP) mandate is to alleviation by harnessing people potential and undertakes activities in Pakistan.

This organization also helps to enhance the potential abilities, skills and knowledge of rural men and women.

These programs can be a ray of light in the doom of darkness for at least some people. A person should have strong belief in him which may easily take him across the failure even. We should remember that there is relief after every trouble.

Mankind can only be served when people make effort to help their fellowmen without any mean purpose. One should not forget others for his own interest which is a recent common issue of our society.

If society works in a systematic manner and men devote his effort for others, than there could be a rise of new sun for hopeless people.