Pakistan's Talented Women

By: Rubab Rafique

When it comes to your mind, there seems no hope in Pakistan, no hope for positive change and your hard work will be of no use, Pakistan will slap you upside down on the head and surprise you. And that is exactly what happened courtesy of a brilliant young woman, named Sharmeen Obaid-Chinnoy.


Yes she is a woman, who demonstrated her talent not only in Pakistan as well on international level. She made us proud when her documentary was nominated for the Oscars and she won the award for her documentary 'Saving Face'.  Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a talented woman from Pakistan. She is a director in the film industry and has produced many documentaries. Her work included, Reinventing the Taliban (2003), Afghanistan Unveiled/Lifting the Veil (2007) and the recent Pakistan: Children of the Taliban.

Sharmeen Obaid is not the only name, there are many Pakistani women who demonstrated their talent on international level. A Pakistani woman scientist, Dr Farzana Shaheen was included among eleven talented women scientists from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean for her research excellence.

A brilliant Pakistani girl Sumbul Syed made world record in English literature by taking 9th position. Late Arfa Karim Randhawa, a girl from Faisalabad who became the world's youngest Microsoft Certified professional in 2004 at the age of nine.

Nowadays, women in Pakistan hold high positions as the CEOs and executives. Dr Shamshad Akhtar was the first female governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. Two lady doctors of the Pakistan Army have also risen to the rank of major general. The female doctors joined hands with the male doctors in the most inaccessible earth quake hit areas in the northern part of Pakistan to treat the sick and wounded.

Pakistani women and girls are talented and they could play a big role in socio-economic development, so it is the need of hour to encourage them at every level in the society, as John M. Maxwell) encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.

This encouragement will help brighten the future of children and boost national development in Pakistan.