Energy Crises

By: Faizan Ali

The Pakistan is facing shortage of power due to growing consumption and less generation of power. This is affecting industry as well as routine life.

 We are suffering hours long load shedding in rural as well as urban areas including major cities.  Blackout with short breaks called load shedding is rotated. Load shedding generally result from two causes: insufficient generation capacity or inadequate transmission infrastructure to deliver sufficient power to the area where it is needed.

Load shedding is a common or even a normal event in our country, where electricity generation capacity is under funded or infrastructure is poorly managed.

Such events are considered an unacceptable failure of planning and can cause significant political damage to responsible governments. Even now the government should take serious steps in this regard and allow people to perform their work by advertising the schedule but in most cases they happen without warning.

Load shedding effects not only economy of the country but even the future of our youth is on threat. Children, parents, students, officers and many of our important factories and industries have been suffering from it.

I request Government to do some positive efforts for the progress and improvement of our country status. Solving energy crises must be government first priority as it is the need of time.