Flood-Hit Masses: Still Waiting For Relief

By: Mona Umar

Whole world witnessed the worst flood in the history which came in Pakistan in late July 2010.

Approximately one-fifth area of Pakistan was underwater. And about 20 million people were affected by the flood mostly the destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, including the death toll was close to 2000.

Whole infrastructure was damaged by the last year's disaster such as economy, roads bridges, telephone lines, and electricity and communication system. People were trying to stable themselves but once again the heavy rainfall in Sindh became the cause of flood and most parts of the province are underwater.

More than 5 laces people are affected by this disasters. Number of death is increasing day by day and estimated 14000 cattle have been died up to now.

To make matters worse, the livestock that has survived might die of starvation as fodder has been washed away. The fate of poultry and fish farms has been similar, dealing another severe blow to thousands of livelihoods. That in turn may give rise to massive food shortage and food insecurity and the amount of time it will take to regain use of agricultural land will cost the economy greatly.

Due to damage of infrastructure the relief and health services are also badly affected, so many people are unable to get health facilities.

Tens of thousands of more people have left their houses in the affected districts to head for safer areas, while people were finding it hard to get buried their loved ones in dry lands.

Around 1.7 million acres of agricultural land has also been affected by the rains and floods which directly puts impact on the prices of cotton, sugarcane, rice and vegetables. In many areas either vegetables are not available or prices are so high that poor people can not afford.

Government claims to provide immediate relief to the people but efforts need to be taken practically rather than waiting for the things to gets all right automatically. Along with respective authorities it is also the responsibility of a common man to denote and help as much it is possible.