About Us

Roshni Newspaper has been published since last five years. New and innovative changes have been made by the students every year following the pace of the developing world.

In 2010, an effort has been made to convert the hard copy of Roshni Newspaper into soft e-paper as per the needs of the digital world by the students of batch 2008, Department of Media and communication Studies.

The e-paper of Roshni Newspaper has been designed solely by the determined efforts of renowned Journalist of Pakistan Mr. Sohail Sangi and students of BS (Honors) Part III Mr. Salman Lodhi, Mr. Sohail Aziz Korai and Mr. Shariq Lashari following the dynamic trend of their previous batches.

This development has been made to increase the confirmatory academic perspective in the field of print media which will help students to update themselves with the modern studies of media.

Along with every publication of Roshni, the e-paper is also updated with the content possessed by its hard copy.

The visitors are welcomed to read or copy the content only for academic purpose.