Our Department of Media & Communication Studies

The Department (formerly, Department of Journalism) has been preparing students for successful careers in the field of Media and Communication Studies since its founding in 1977.

Infact it is the only institution offering courses in four years (8 Semesters) Bachelor Program in Media and Communication Studies to the people of rural Sindh.

It aims at increasing the students' understanding of communication theory, research and skills to facilitate maturation in the area of media.

Students are treated as Journalists and Media Persons who would one day be called upon to accept responsibilities in supervisory positions.




We have Dr. Khan Muhammad Panhwar seminar library, where approximately 4000 thousand latest books related to different courses are always ready to be read by students of Media and Communication Studies Department for enhancing their studies.


The department runs well equipped  laboratories, where variety of equipments such as lights, video cameras, tripods, and microphones are available for students.

For practical training the department has News Laboratory having computers which are open to students of the department.

Students may have access to the Electronic Media laboratory where students are trained for editing, video production and writing for all media including newspaper and magazine.

The department also produces weekly newspaper ROSHNI, monthly magazine SHAOOR and official newsletter CAMPUS COMMUNICATOR.

The creative students of Media and Communication Studies have now launched an epaper following the developmental perspective of global age.


The computer laboratories are connected with high speed internet connection and students may also avail this facility


Department of Media and Communication Studies aims to provide students with theoretical and practical education that emphasizes on fundamental concepts.

We welcome you to join us!

· To use media for social development.

· To give a working knowledge on international information distribution techniques.

· To work towards building a better media culture.