Our Roshni

The first manuscript of Roshni Newspaper was published on 21st October, 2005 as laboratory publication by the Department of Media and Communication Studies.

The basic concept behind the publication of newspaper was to equip the students with the practical skills required in the professional field of Print Media.

The first publication was shaped after the soulful contributions of the people chairing the department, faculty members, staff and students of batch 2003.

The efforts were initiated by Mr. Har Bux Makhijani, former Chairman of the department and were carried on by Mr. Agha Rafique former Chairman of the department with the true assistance of Mr. Sohail Sangi, a renowned journalist of Pakistan and a faculty member Department of Media and Communication Studies. 

The practical work of Roshni provided an insight about news reporting, writing, editing and other related things which are considered necessary for the publication of a newspaper. The contents of news items were kept relevant to the academic and constructive activities of the campus.

Students under the professional guidance of teachers and other faculty staff were given responsibility to carry out the whole process of news gathering and publishing so that they may gain experience of newspaper production.

The first issue with 350 copies of Roshni was published by the batch 2003 of the department. Later, innovations were made by forthcoming batches.

The Newspaper content is still based upon news items related to the academic activities of campus, articles, features, profiles, interviews etc, which are written and edited by students under the supervision of professional teachers and faculty.

Among others contribution of Mr Sarang Chandio, Ms Hira Fatima, Ms Sabin Farooqui,    Ms Asma, Ashfaq Laghari, Samni Abro, Atif Vighio, Kavi Hassan, Sajjad Balouch, Marvi Aslam, Weejha Shaikh, Beenish Abdullah, Shabana Kori, Wajid Khaskheli, Sarmad Laghari, Rabia Rashid, Rabia Alvi and Anum Khanzada is worth to mention.